Protection of your liability

Civil liability during exploitation and after delivery

The slightest clumsiness or inattention by yourself or any of your staff members may cause damage to neighbours, customers, the environment... Should you, as a company, be held liable for that damage, you risk having to pay the bill. In order to protect you from this risk, you need to take a civil liability insurance. Civil liability insurance covers damage arising after delivery of or completion of work.

Professional liability

For some professions, including doctors, architects, physiotherapists… a professional liability insurance is essential. This will protect them against the consequences of any involuntary mistakes or errors in the course of their work.

Directors' liability

Directors' liability insurance covers the personal liability of the directors within your company in the event of professional mistakes or errors. This type of insurance will protect you against claims by shareholders, competitors, customers, suppliers, creditors, bankers and employees.

Objective liability

The following businesses are legally required to take out insurance cover:

  1. Cafés and restaurants covering a surface area of over 50 m².
  2. Hotels with a minimum of four rooms offering accommodation for at least 10 persons.
  3. Shops with a minimum sales area of 1000 m².
  4. Night clubs, discotheques, marquees... and other public events where dancing takes place.
  5. ...

This type of insurance policy covers anyone who suffers damage – caused by fire or explosion in premises accessible to the public, who holds the manager liable for the damage incurred, without him or her having to show any evidence of the manager's blame.

Family civil liability

Family civil liability policy covers material and/or physical damage caused to third parties within the home.

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